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{{{genitive}}} vėliava ?


Wiki markup Displays Notes
{{flag|United States}} Šablonas:Flag Note that both instances link to United States.
{{flag|USA}} Šablonas:Flag
{{flag|Germany}} Šablonas:Flag All three instances link to Germany.
In addition to the ISO country codes, those used by FIFA, IOC, etc. are also supported.
{{flag|DEU}} Šablonas:Flag
{{flag|GER}} Šablonas:Flag
{{flag|Germany|German Empire}} Šablonas:Flag Flag variations can be used with either country names or country codes.
{{flag|DEU|German Empire}} Šablonas:Flag
{{flag|CAN|name=Canadian}} Šablonas:Flag The name parameter can be used to change the display string but keep the link to the correct article.
{{flag|Canada|1957|name=Canadian}} Šablonas:Flag The name parameter can also be used when flag variants are specified.